Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Who noticed the Closure of the Holy See Embassy?

I just got a chance to look at last week's Irish Catholic this evening. Which is not a good thing to admit since I had a breakfast meeting with its editor last Wednesday morning. Anyway, I enjoyed this column, a review of a book on the current coalition by the Sunday Business Post political editor Pat Leahy.

I suppose the thing that surprised me was the report of the cabinet meeting when the closure of the Holy See was announced. Who do you think reacted?

Alan Shatter TD, Minister for Justice and Defence

The sole Jewish member of the cabinet is quoted as saying

Hey, maybe I’m not the person to raise this but are we really closing the Irish embassy in the Vatican?

Meanwhile, no reaction from eight colleagues from the Fine Gael party. They either didn't notice or didn't care.

As for the figure who I believe debases the good old Irish insult of luadarmáin:

Ard-luadarmáin na hÉireann (Supreme luadarmáin of Ireland)

It seems his conviction that he instinctively knows what the Irish people want was debunked long before the Seanad referendum defeat.

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