Friday, 13 September 2013

July-August Brandsma Review

Courtesy of my friend Hibernicus on the Irish Catholics Forum
Contents summary for the July-August BRANDSMA
Peadar Laighléis' editorial requesting the ACPI to clarify their position on abortion - reproduced in the post above
The Editor's Desk discusses devotion to the Precious Blood (notes it was promoted by Bl.John XXIII), regrets that Nick Lowry is currently not writing for the BRANDSMA due to a disagreement, and asks for prayers for the soul of Marie Celine Morgan
Tom O'Gorman of the Iona Institute spells out the problems involved in the ongoing push to legalise same-sex marriage (both in its presentation of sex differences as illusory and in its implications for religious freedom) and appeals for more effective opposition to it.
√Čanna Johnson contrasts Pope Francis' frequent references to the reality of the devil with the unsatisfactory treatment of devils and angels in the ALIVE-O religious education programme for schools, and describes the widespread ignorance and confusion on the subject of devils and angels produced by bad catechesis.
Part I of an article by Fr Aidan McGing CM criticising Darwinism (in the sense of natural selection being a purely random process without any inner teleology).
Monika Barget reviews some post-feminist German publications (by women authors) on the problems created for family life and the long-term wellbeing of society by the downgrading of marriage and family (by both feminists and laissez-faire capitalism).
Peadar Laighleis discusses the Russian Revolution as represented in contemporary Russian literature (with special emphasis on Bulgakov's THE MASTER AND MARGARITA) and notes a dark and destructive side which is often downplayed.
Hibernicus criticises Desmond Fennell's new book THIRD STROKE DID IT as simplistic and despairing in its analysis of Western civilisation or post-civilisation.
Fr Brendan Purcell offers a reflection on the Transfiguration through the life of the focolarina Fiore Ungaro.
Hibernicus offers some reflections on how pro-lifers are demonised by certain commentators, on the need to document the history of the Irish pro-life movement to give pro-lifers a clearer sense of what it has all been about (the pro-choicers are taking care to set down their own version of events for propaganda purposes) and how some poorly-chosen tactics play into the hands of those doing the demonising.
Letters; Eric Conway discusses a recent anti-Church rant from Senator John Crown, and Fr Anthony Scully dissects Herod Endipas's recent equivocations and weasel words concerning the PLP (i.e. abortion) Act.
Hurling Shots from the Ditch comments on the contributions (generally of the minus variety) made by various deputies and commentators during the abortion debates, including Herod Endipas's selective use of John F Kennedy's speech on the relationship between his political role and his Catholicism.

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