Tuesday, 26 February 2013

January-February Issue

The January-February Brandsma Review is now out with Dr John Monaghan arguing that the abortion proposals will turn doctors into killers; David Manly telling us careless talk costs lives; Professor James Lothian lamenting four more years of Obama; David Manly dealing with Fr Tony Flannery's efforts to challenge Rome to make him a martyr; Mel Cormican elaborates on Youth Evangelisation; Nick Lowry does an obit for the late Fr George Duggan SM; and Peadar Laighléis gives a dummies guide to icons. Editorials cover Benedict XVI's resignation; Venerable Jerome Lejeune and the situation pro-lifers are in. Hurler on the ditch points out Patsy McGarry's lack of content on the history of the Catholic Church'es stand on abortion,the conflict between leader and chairman in the Labour party and more possible pro-lifers in Sinn Féin. Stramentarius posts another challenge to Fr Flannery and deals with the abortion problem from several angles.

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