Friday, 21 December 2012

November-December BR - Out now

The November-December Brandsma Review is now in circulation. Leading with the abortion issue, Dr Joe McCarroll (Pro Life Campaign) calls on us to stop the rush to legalise abortion; David Manly (Family & Life) profiles the Halappanavar case as re-educating a backward people about killing; Nick Lowry gives his reminiscences of the 1983 pro life amendment referendum; Keith Francis asks if Alan Shatter's proposal to amend the Equality Act is another nail in the coffin for Catholic schools; Fr Brendan Purcell's sermon for Advent gives practical advice on the need for watchfulness; Peadar Laighléis argues there is more to St Matthew's genealogy than a list of names; Brian Ó hIcídhe reviews Peter Hitchens' book on the war on drugs which was never fought; Joe Aston and Jim Allen give contrasting views on dialogue; the Editor reflects on the Children's Rights vote and the situation regarding abortion; The Hurler on the Ditch gives some ideas on pro lifers in Fine Gael and slams the European Parliament over the treatment of Dr Tonio Borg; Strammentarius describes conflict between the pro-bestiality lobby and the animals' rights people and the use of almost Nazi caricatures by left wing opponents of Israel; and there is another list from Francis Book Sales. Available in Veritas in Dublin and Benedictus Book Shop in Cork or via

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