Friday, 6 July 2012

Brandsma May-June in Veritas

The two editorials are Peadar Laighléis' reflection on Paul VI and the Credo of the People of God and David Manly's 'Dangerous Canards are a threat to unborn children' The articles include Paul Fournier's Allez, la Paroisse est Finie (about the Quiet Revolution in Quebec - and don't worry, it's in English), Ralf Siebenbürger's 'Mgr Schüller and the Insurrection of the Dead' (about the Austrian Catholic Priests' Association), Fr Brendan Purcell's 'Dialogue with Atheist's Down Under',Hibernicus and Nick Lowry team up to produce 'Are Orthodox Catholics Pharisees?', Fr John Ogilvie SJ's 'Low Sunday: Salvation and the Mercy of God', Fr Bernard McGuckian SJ's 'Why the Pioneers?' and Fr Roland Colhoun's 'Sermon for Pentecost'. Also the Straws column, the Hurler on the Ditch and a letter from Dom Philip Scot OCSO.

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