Thursday, 8 December 2011

BR Issue 117 - out now.

The November-December Brandsma Review is now out. Summary of Articles:

A Fond Farewell after 19 Years - Nicholas Lowry
RTÉ Inquisitors - Blind to Natural Justice and Blinded by Odium Fidei - David Manly
Irish Version of the Mass Superior to English - Peadar Laighléis
The True Meaning of the Real Presence - Fr Gerard Deighan
Catholic Action Treated as Alien Invasion - Hibernicus
A Tale of Two Ditties - Fr Charles Kickens
Atheist's Howlers Exposed - Fr Philip Scott OCSO
Knights of Malta Carry on Crusading - Or do They? - Éamonn Gaines
The Fallen Idol: Father John Corapi - New Oxford Review
A Crime Against Western Culture - Leopoldo Palacios
Let's Get Back to Our Spiritual Roots - Joe Aston
The Homecoming of God - Mgr John Moloney
Straws for the Camel's Back

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